Real Estate and Mortgage Investing(by Scott Rowland at Fiera Capital)

Description : Scott Rowland, Senior Vice-President and Co-Head Debt Strategies, Fiera Properties, discusses canadian real estate and commercial mortgages.

Recorded on September 19, 2018

Scott Rowland is Senior Vice President and Co-Head, Debt Strategies, Fiera Properties. In late 2017, he teamed up with partner Geoff McTait to launch the Fiera Properties CORE Mortgage Fund. This open-ended fund is focused on Canadian real estate and will be highly diversified by both asset type and geography.

With more than 20 years of industry experience, Scott is a leading Canadian non-bank lender who has been involved in more than $10 billion of transactions. His loan-structuring and valuation expertise extends across all commercial asset types in markets across Canada. Scott’s experience encompasses both ‘senior’ and ‘junior’ secured lending, mezzanine and preferred equity, commercial-backed mortgage securities, opportunity funds and loan purchases.

Prior to joining Fiera Properties, Scott was the managing director for Blackstone in Canada, where he led the real estate lending group. His tenure with Blackstone followed a 19-year career at General Electric, where he occupied a number of increasingly senior roles, including managing director of GE Capital Real Estate in Canada.

Scott earned an HBCom summa cum laude from McMaster University. He is a Principal Mortgage Broker and is licensed by FSCO.

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